Affordable Renovations: Verdes Del Oriente

Rehabilitated buildings are an essential part of the building lifecycle, especially when affordable housing in an area is scarce. More than 20 million people in America live in housing poverty, meaning they struggle to afford basic needs like food, transportation, and medical care after paying for housing (National Low-income Housing Coalition). An acquired and/or rehabilitated building improves return on investment and generates minimal waste – while keeping the existing community intact.  

Verdes Del Oriente located in San Pedro, California, is an example of how rehabilitating a multi-generational building can effect lasting change for residents and the community alike. Initially constructed in 1976, the subsidized garden apartment complex has been home to some residents for over four decades. Nina Martinez, who moved there with her family when she was 12, is now the property manager. Verdes is known for being family-oriented and has remained a desirable location due to its proximity to the Port of Los Angeles, the world’s busiest port.

The buildings were 100% occupied while being upgraded with functional new apartment interiors, modernized operating systems, and an ADA pathway installed centrally. Another transformative part of the renovation is the conversion of the leasing office into a community center. The remolded space can now host expanded afterschool programs and continuing education classes for adults.

Notably, the project finished three months ahead of schedule, and upon the one-year walkthrough, the owner was still impressed with the team’s work. “Katerra is clearly trying to change the construction industry for the better, but there’s a bigger goal behind that… that’s directly related to helping these residents and improving the community,” says Kyle Weaver, Managing Director of Affordable Renovations.